We stranded pretty soon after we left the car and started walking. On a campsite. I love campsites, especially in winter. And in an area where you are exclusively surrounded by nature – apart from the occassional wooden barn -, these signs of contemporary human […]


On bookmaking #3

Some random thoughts about the book It’s not the book, it’s just a book, one of many possible books. The limited options (paper, cover) offered by Blurb are frustrating / a blessing ”The relationship between the continuous / natural and the temporary / constructed”, if […]


On book making #2

When I started this, I trusted that some sort of theme would emerge that would hold these pictures together in some meaningful way. Something that would justify them appearing in a book together. I honestly don’t know if that is the case. Based on my […]

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The far south

I think the only reason for tourists to visit St. Bride’s, our next stop after spending a few days in St. John’s, is because of the nearby Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve on the far south end of the Avalon peninsula. An unremarkable village, spaciously […]

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On book making

Looks like the hypothetical book is not so hypothetical after all. Now that I have decided on the scope of the book, I’m finally getting somewhere with the selection and editing. Since this is my first endeavour ever in the field of book making and self […]


As if

“He will be repeatedly amazed by how poorly everyone remembers their childhoods, how they project their adult selves back into those bleached-out photographs, those sandals, those tiny chairs. As if choosing, as if deciding, as if saying ‘no’ were simply skills you could learn, like […]

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I would

This is a place I would love to go back to. Not for a couple of hours, but for at least a few weeks. I would need a car of course to get there (and a driver’s license), I would need a place to stay, […]


This is not a series

I’ve been working on a few hundred pictures from Newfoundland this past week, looking, weighing, dismissing and editing what I found worth editing. But uploading them to my website, putting a frame around them and posting them on Flickr, it all felt terribly pretentious all […]


Little Brehat

Great Brehat is a little fishing village, on the east coast of the northern peninsula of Newfoundland. It was foggy, with a bit of a drizzle. We decided to a short walk that would take us to Little Brehat, a small resettled community. Not that […]

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In the back yard

I have this new tripod. A super nice, solid, relatively light weight carbon tripod with a three way head. One that can be folded small enough to fit in a suit case, or to mount on my backpack. I’ve never been a fan of using […]