Of bases and crowns


I didn’t know this until recently, but trees need bases. For a long time, I thought trees were about their crowns, and their trunk. But no. I want to see them standing firmly on the ground, see where they’re coming from. A tree can easily lose its head, cut off by the frame. But a tree with a cut off trunk doesn’t feel right.

2 thoughts on “Of bases and crowns”

  1. :) i like your thoughts on trees. i just took a photo of tree trunks, and you made me think about the idea of being grounded or that the difference with images of baseless treetops is one of security and uncertainty.

    • Hi Andy! ‘Grounded’, that’s the word I was looking for. I’m sure there are dozens of good tree-pictures that prove me wrong though. Now that I come to think of it, I guess I feel the same way about buildings and rooftops : )

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