Office hours

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Het Nieuwe Instituut

I was at this new year’s reception at work, and that’s okay because it’s work, but I wouldn’t be there if I didn’t have to. I feel lost in crowds, and find very little pleasure in this mingling chit-chatting routine with a drink in my hand, although the drink is probably what makes it bearable. On the way home I was thinking that me being part of a communications department is pretty hilarious really. I’ve never been communicative, but at some point I just stopped prentending that I am. And I often feel that I don’t meet the requirements to be in that team. I’m not outgoing, I lack a commercial perspective, and at heart I’m a sender, not a communicator. I’m a good editor though. I like making good quality, fine looking publications, but I’m having a bit of a blind eye for who is interested in receiving them. I hate organizing events or playing hostess. I’m not that interested in brand awareness, target groups, marketing tools and all that. And yet I feel fully accepted and appreciated in that office. Because I somehow got this chance to do what I’m good at. They have learned to see my strengths and how to put them to good use, and I have learned to pick up the bloody phone every now and then. I don’t quite fit it, but I don’t have to be someone that I’m not. To me, that is incredibly important, and I feel privileged to be in that position, where, I’m sure, a lot of others are not.

Photo taken at one of our exhibitions, or rather, an installation, by Greek artist and architect Andreas Angelidakis.

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