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Het Nieuwe Instituut, Photography

I’m very fond of the Fuji in situations like this. Making quick rounds through the building, photograph what catches my eye, things that may or may not end up on the museum’s social channels. All in all, I like the Fuji better indoors than outdoors, especially for its colours and a certain softness of the image. It did well in Norway, under circumstances sort of similar to ‘indoors’ I suppose (with a roof of thick layers of clouds), but I was disappointed with the pictures I took on the island, with its harsh and bright sunlight. (But then, the photos that came out of the Nikon were only slightly less terrible, mostly, so I’m not being quite fair.)

For more serious matters, websites and stuff, I’d like to take the Nikon D750 that I have access to at work. One that might very well be the successor of my D7000. A selection of pictures taken at the playground is on the website.

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