The house

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Het Nieuwe Instituut, Photography

Some recent takes on the house. The colour scheme of the interior is one of its most eyecatching assets, although for me it’s mostly the spaces and how they are connected that make me come back here so very often. When I first photographed the house, the colours were wat attracted me in the first place, because they are indeed quite wonderful. Warm and bright vermillion red, cornflower blue, and canary yellow, combined with light and dark grey and brown. Last year, I made this black and white series, to see what it would do to the house if I were to strip away all those colours. I often drop by for work, or I just find some excuse to do so. This time, I wanted to use colour in a more modest, subdued way.

What a house museum presents to the public is a sort of interpretation, based on archives, oral history, the house itself. I like how photography allows me to make up my own, alternative interpretations.

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