Month: March 2016


This landscape in the French part of Belgium has a strong cinematographic feel for me. Thanks, no doubt, to a number of films I’ve seen that take place in this area. Stories that rarely end well. Uncanny, unheimisch. It’s a place where people go to […]


No one belongs here more than you*

I came across this blog Broken Light, recommended by wp because it’s followed by someone I follow and I think I know who. On this blog, people who are suffering from or affected by mental illness submit their photos and add some words about their mental condition. And I […]

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Not even close

This by far isn’t my favorite portrait of a landscape. In fact, it’s an outtake, refused, and with good reason. Rather uninteresting lines and an overall blandness. But still. Even this mediocre representation doesn’t fail to convey the sheer impressiveness of this landscape. And, for me, […]

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The Museumnacht is a yearly recurring event in Rotterdam, taking place at more than twenty museums and other cultural organisations that open their doors until after midnight. And mostly they organize special events within the event. And since we take part in this thing, I was asked […]

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