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Het Nieuwe Instituut, Photography

The Museumnacht is a yearly recurring event in Rotterdam, taking place at more than twenty museums and other cultural organisations that open their doors until after midnight. And mostly they organize special events within the event. And since we take part in this thing, I was asked to take pictures at our venue. I usually decline everything that smells like event photography. But sometimes it’s about who’s asking, and how. And I said yes.

I didn’t have to photograph people having fun, which is good, because I hate that. I could do whatever suited me best. She liked my pictures, and wanted me to do this my own way. The thing is: I don’t have a way. I sort of know my way around landscapes, and interiors, but I don’t know this. When I take photographs in the museum, I tend to treat it like an interior containing objects. But I somehow needed to make clear that this was not an ordinary day at the office. At the very least, the pictures should evoke an atmosphere of this taking place at night. Even if the museum’s galleries were as brightly lit as ever. I’m only half satisfied with the results, and that shouldn’t be enough really, but I’m also relieved that at least I came up with something that’s not terrible. That I found ‘a way’ to do this, which is, I guess, my way.








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