Month: April 2016


These couple of photographs by no means document the building in any representative way. I have photographed it before, and will photograph it again at any chance I have. It’s an endlessly fascinating construction, that I’d like to tackle one bit at the time. When you […]

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Iets van groot gewicht

I’m this close to buying the new, expensive camera. I’ve never had much trouble spending money on myself. Not that I buy a lot of stuff, in fact, I buy less and less as my income grows. Or, as I grow older. Simply because there are […]

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On (not) sharing an interest

For quite a while, some time in the nineties, I took an interest in experimental film. In a relatively short period of time, I acquinted myself with American structuralist films, abstract films, found footage based films, early European avant garde cinema, conceptual films etc. I […]

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