Month: May 2016


When I ask if I can make a photograph of someone’s interior, people usually agree to it, but never ask me why I would want to do that. The travel agent did though, and I didn’t know what to say. I guess I didn’t say […]

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I wouldn’t mind if some of these were mine

I’ve been working with these archives for years now, but I never grow tired of it. I’m mostly interested in their photographic collections, rather obviously so I suppose, and they are still a source of wonder to me. Not so much because I keep finding new things (that […]

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Borrowed space

We just booked two summer houses in the Alps. I had this intention once to photograph every place I spent the night: hotels, vacation houses, camp sites, bed and breakfasts, ferries, trains, planes and automobiles. No matter how uninteresting the place, I felt I should […]

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