Borrowed space

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Photography, Travel

We just booked two summer houses in the Alps.

I had this intention once to photograph every place I spent the night: hotels, vacation houses, camp sites, bed and breakfasts, ferries, trains, planes and automobiles. No matter how uninteresting the place, I felt I should document it, because even for the shortest of time, it’s home. And I still think the fine line between ‘being in transit’ and ‘staying somewhere’ could be interesting. It’s all about moving, somehow, but in a different pace.

But of course I didn’t, because that’s how these things usually go. So now I have this bunch of pictures that could never be anything but a bunch of pictures because it’s too unbalanced, too arbitrary, too unfocused to be anything else. I have fragments at best. Fragments of slow transitions.

House on a hill in Gudvangen, Norway. Picture taken with the Fuji

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