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Photography, Travel

When I ask if I can make a photograph of someone’s interior, people usually agree to it, but never ask me why I would want to do that. The travel agent did though, and I didn’t know what to say. I guess I didn’t say anything, other than, rather silly, that I liked the pictures on the wall (which I didn’t, really. Although I do like photographs in photographs, that much is true.) The truth is, that half of the time, I have no idea why I want to take a photograph. It’s only after I see what comes out of the camera that I understand what attracted me in the first place.

The travel agency was located in some anonymous office building, in a business area along the highway. I liked how this was the setting of an agency specialized in adventurous travels to the rugged nature of desolate countries. The rocks in the window sill were kind of touching in that respect, to me at least. The old books, stacked on the floor, the blind slats, the spotless walls and the wooden table with the paint peeled off sent out a strange mixture of messages.

They had just moved into this new, bigger office he said. Business was going well. Starting with travels to Iceland as their core business, their catalogue now also includes Alaska, Canada, the Faroer islands, Greenland. Markets are expanding. Wealthy Chinese in particular are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for an overnight stay in exotic countries. Our trip to Iceland is much more expensive now than it was two years ago, and most accommodations were fully booked already for the summer months.


Photo’s taken with the Fuji. Worth reading: Wish you were here. Refinancing Iceland with tourism – but at what cost in Uncube Magazine.

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