Month: July 2016

Twenty minutes

We had been slowely circling up the mountain, and stepped out of the car on its highest point. A restaurant, a terrace, a parking place, the usual. Cold and windy, but with a good sight over the valley. We strolled along for a bit, and […]

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Freedom (again)

“Few people are really “following” your work. Even fewer care. What are you doing with that freedom?” It doesn’t feel great having to admit to a lack of creativity. But at least I can say that ‘not taking full advantage of my freedom’ has little to do with […]



One of the things about photography that matter to me the most, is how it allows me to do whatever I want to, with no-one to answer for but myself. At work, I have tasks and responsibilities, but I’m not in charge of anything. Every choice […]

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