Freedom (again)

Photography, Slow, Travel

“Few people are really “following” your work. Even fewer care.
What are you doing with that freedom?”

It doesn’t feel great having to admit to a lack of creativity. But at least I can say that ‘not taking full advantage of my freedom’ has little to do with a need to fulfill other people’s expectations. There are no expectations. And only a few people.

This picture above is far from flawless, technically mostly, but I like it enormously. I love the texture of the curtain, the shining woodwork, the stillness. How it’s all about waiting until the sky clears and the rain stops, full of anticipation. Watching, waiting. My eyes glued to the window. Tea getting cold. The entire cafe reduced to this little corner.

Quote by CJ Chilvers, The advantage of invisibility. Picture taken with the Fuji, Austria, 2016

2 thoughts on “Freedom (again)”

  1. A beautiful photo and meaningful thoughts. Cj has some great ideas and approaches things from different perspectives. I also wanted to thank you for following my blog earlier. I visited yours today and was truly inspired by your work and writings. Will keep an eye for future posts :)

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