The great pass

Photography, Travel

I like passes. It’s not just about reaching the highest point of the mountain, or the views. I like how these places are designed and facilitated. How they become a ‘place’ although most of the time they are not, really. Sometimes it’s just a bend in the road. But it needs to be marked, it needs to tell drivers that they have reached a special point on their map. So there is a parking space, a signage, a little something to buy drinks or sandwiches. They make people step out of their car, and because they do, other drivers will too. And before you know it, it’s a place. A place for taking pictures.

We parked the car on the Great St. Bernard Pass, to see if we could get something to eat. I don’t know why I photographed this family. It’s not mine. I shot it in a split second, without thinking much. I guess I did it because it was, to me, such an extraordinary scene. I don’t have a family of my own, and if I had one, I would never photograph them like this. I felt it was a rare opportunity to photograph a scene that millions of others before me have shot at least once in their life, but not me.

2 thoughts on “The great pass”

  1. J.J. Sommer says:

    I think a whole project based on this image, third person posed family photos taken candidly, would be very interesting.

    • I think so too. Although I’m not sure I should be the one to execute it. I find photographing people, candidly or otherwise, quite difficult and often awkward. I felt bloody creepy shooting this : ) It’s not a very good picture, but I like how a small shift of perspective alters the perception entirely.

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