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I’ll be off to Iceland very soon now. I always try to picture the landscape and the situations and possibilities for photographing, long before I leave for a new or not so new place. Try to think of what I’d like to do. Have a plan of some kind, to make sure that I know what to look for, what to pay attention to. To not waste time. Kind of silly, because there is no such thing as preparing yourself for what you’re about to see and experience. That’s the good thing about travelling. But it’s also very condensed. Time moves slower when you step out of your framework of daily routines. But it also seems to accelerate. Continuously moving forward, digesting a rapid succession of new impressions, little opportunity to spend time with a place. To spend time with time itself. But in fact photography needs that. It needs focus, slowing down, all my senses wide open. Obviously, it doesn’t always get what it needs. And yet, something has to happen in those two or three weeks, or at least that’s what I tell myself. Something good. And if possible, I’d like to find some coherency in that bunch of pictures that I bring home, something that would work well together. I try not to use the word, but that’s a challenge every time.

In the end, there never is a plan though, just some vague ideas and they prove to be daft and useless as soon as I set foot on the new territory.

Photo taken with the Nikon D7000, on my first trip to Iceland, in 2014. More here

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