People with cameras

Photography, Travel

I suspect that every tourist with a camera, such as myself, gets at least a little bit irritated by other tourists with cameras. If not for blocking your view or ruining the scene, then for offering a mirror to yourself. There you are, wearing your fancy camera around your neck, so eager to take a picture that you almost forget to take a good look around you.

Some of them made me smile though.





Pictures taken with the Nikon. From top to bottom: Jökulsárlón, Hverir, Gufufoss, Paul on a dirt road, and Seltún geothermal area.

4 thoughts on “People with cameras”

  1. J.J. Sommer says:

    In some places, tourists with cameras are part of the landscape – and so I like that you included them.

    I’ve never really seen myself in other tourists though. Some times I chat with them. I met one fellow camera toting tourist recently on PEI and it turned out that we were both electrical workers and we chatted for nearly an hour about wind turbines and nuclear power.

    • Ah, that’s nice : ) It rarely happens really, that people are genuinely interested in what you do. Or at least it doesn’t happen to me much. And I suspect I have myself to blame for that as well.

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