Month: October 2016

De smaakfuik

Another article in the newspaper this weekend on how algorithms, increasingly sophisticated, more and more determine what we see, listen to, like, buy and think. A good read though. If only for awareness purposes. I know how this works and I guess most people do, […]

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End of season

I started to doubt if this place even existed. 120┬ákilometers of slowly driving through potholes and mudpools, hours of crossing the great plains of nothing, with heavy clouds darkening┬áthe rough land. We had constantly been driving towards a sort of tear in the clouds, right […]


Indoor landscapes

I don’t need much time in the morning when we are traveling. A quick shower, no hair, no make up, yesterday’s clothes if possible. It buys me time for a pre breakfast walk or, in this case, to make as many shots of this particular corner of […]

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