Indoor landscapes

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Photography, Travel

I don’t need much time in the morning when we are traveling. A quick shower, no hair, no make up, yesterday’s clothes if possible. It buys me time for a pre breakfast walk or, in this case, to make as many shots of this particular corner of the room as I needed to get it right. I like mixing landscapes with interiors. Within a frame, as well as within a series. To me, it’s an obvious, natural combination, more so than landscapes and buildings (well, that too), or landscapes and people. That said, I’m still struggling to find a meaningful connection between the two, and create a sort of balance between the indoor and outdoor landscape.

I can easily see why the above picture got a lot of likes, and this one here did not. Both pictures are very dear to me though, and I feel that both are an essential part of the series. Even the velux tells me something about the Icelandic landscape, or at least how I experienced it. The steam of course, absorbed by the greyness of the sky, but also the A-frame, that I have come to associate with this area. I guess I’m trying to tell something about how I was part of this landscape, without having me in it. How I have lived it, even for the shortest of times.






All pictures taken with the Nikon. Title taken from this Flickr group

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