Month: January 2017

Actually, we could use some pictures of..

Photographing at work, is partly about me benefiting from the opportunity to photograph interiors, and some other things that I find interesting. Sometimes these pictures find their way to the museum’s communication channels, but I take them on my own initiative and for my own pleasure. The […]

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Words, again

Every form of communication is a way of building at least some kind of relationship I guess. I’m not consciously working on the establishment or consolidation of relationships when I talk to people or interact with them on the social sites, my ambitions and expectations […]

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Freedom (3)

I asked J. the other day what he thought of this hypothetical possibility that I would apply for the photo academy. He said it was my worst idea so far : ) (To put a thing or two into perspective: he teaches at the photography […]

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The free state

I went out photographing last Sunday. I rarely do that, I’m not good at just walking around with a camera and take pictures. I never come home with anything decent if I do. I need a plan, or at least an idea, or a destination, […]

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Making it real

It feels like a lifetime, but it’s only five years ago that I was in charge of the social media channels of the museum I work for. And I feel my cheeks glowing from embarrasment when I remember not only making up social media strategies at […]



It has been quiet before, in uninhabited places and remote areas. This was neither, but its stillness was even more tangible. I never saw more than a few people in these little villages. A farmer feeding his sheep, a woman leaving a hairdressers shop with a […]