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It has been quiet before, in uninhabited places and remote areas. This was neither, but its stillness was even more tangible. I never saw more than a few people in these little villages. A farmer feeding his sheep, a woman leaving a hairdressers shop with a christmas coiffure. Most shops were closed though. Just for the holidays or indefinitely, I couldn’t tell. But after a while, I realized the quietness was not because the streets were empty. It was because there was no wind. I never felt or heard the wind blowing. Not even a breeze of air fumbling with leaves or branches. A frozen landscape, often muted in a layer of fog.










Pictures taken in Le Morvan, a region in Burgundy, France.

4 thoughts on “Wintersleep”

    • Thanks Yuri, that’s good to hear. I loved the area, but it’s not an easy landscape to photograph, for me at least. I’m less than satisfied with most of the pictures I brought home, but there’s a handful that I quite like when in each others company.

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