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It feels like a lifetime, but it’s only five years ago that I was in charge of the social media channels of the museum I work for. And I feel my cheeks glowing from embarrasment when I remember not only making up social media strategies at work, but also advising friends regarding their online presence. What was I thinking? Not that I didn’t know what I was talking about. In theory, I knew how to do this, how to build and engage an audience. But personally, I have never been able to practice what I was preaching. I find communicating on public sites difficult and awkward. I’m a private person. Everything I do or say on the social sites feels personal, and being personal in public often feels uncomfortable.

And then there is this.

Today it’s a year ago that I started this blog. I didn’t think I would keep it for as long as I did. I started it when – and because – I realized that a long term conversation by email had definitely come to an end. I missed writing. I missed a place to articulate thoughts, feelings, ideas, experiences. I needed to find a different form and medium to express at least some of them. A blog allowed me to include little narratives using words as well as pictures. I like that about writing (and photographing, for that matter): giving shape to things that do not exist yet in any concrete form. A way of creating order. Making things visible, tangible, understandable. Making it real. I work in a Communications department, but for me it’s always been about content creating, and less about communication.

It was clear to me from the beginning though that this needed to be personal. Simply because that is the only way for me to do it at all. All of this is shamelessly about me, so it will never be of much interest to an awful lot of people. But it’s not a diary, it should at least communicate something. Make me work a little harder. It has enough readers to keep me aware of this not being private, but not nearly enough to loose a sense of freedom to write whatever I want to. And I like it that way.

I probably don’t say it often enough, or loud enough, so here is this: thank you for reading and responding this past year, regularly or occasionally. I may be a private person, but not one who is devoid of a basic, human need to get noticed every now and then.

Picture taken in France at the end of last year: window shopping in Le Morvan.

2 thoughts on “Making it real”

  1. Pavel P. says:

    “giving shape to things that do not exist yet in any concrete form”…. this is how I feel when looking at a blank white page of future blog post, I mean, there is something that I want to write, but at the moment I am not completely sure what… when I do, it is materialized…materialized thought….

    Anyway, I wonder what will be Internet like in 10 years…. Will social media craze progress? Are going to people turn back from it. Or move towards different kind of platform? I mean, every little store, product, club has Facebook page or personal account. Internet moved from open web to Facebook…..

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