Freedom (3)

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I asked J. the other day what he thought of this hypothetical possibility that I would apply for the photo academy. He said it was my worst idea so far : ) (To put a thing or two into perspective: he teaches at the photography dept. of the Rietveld art academy). As a private school, he found this education overrated, and overpriced. Unless I wanted to pursue a fully commercial career and learn to do the same things everyone else is doing. Photography should be about creating a maximum of freedom. I, as an amateur, have a maximum of freedom. And even I have a little person in my head that tells me that I should do things differently or better, based on conventions, on what I know or what I think I know, what I look at, and what other people tell me. Attending an education like this, would only put ten more of those little persons in my head. So I asked what he teaches his students. He teaches them to eliminate the little persons. Every single one of them.

Picture taken by an amateur enjoying her ultimate freedom at the workplace

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