Month: February 2017


    Spierdijk, february 2017. I photographed the house for the first time and more extensively in 2014, a few days before my mother in law moved into a nursing home and the property was put on the market for sale. It has been vacant […]

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There and then

A couple of pictures from Iceland that I’ve never posted anywhere before, because I didn’t think they were good enough. But they are part of my memories of this trip just as much as the ones that are. Perhaps even more, because I don’t look at them very often, […]

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The day after

I took some pictures at the Doelen, a concert hall and conference centre, but also one of the venues of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, hosting public screenings as well as facilities for press and industry affairs. It’s usually packed with people, but after taking the above picture at […]

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There’s been some debate on the NLP Facebook-page on what is new landscape photography, and what sets it apart from scenic, postcard-like landscapes. I’m not a close follower of the group’s activities and I never post a picture because I don’t think my landscapes meet the ‘rules’, […]