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I took some pictures at the Doelen, a concert hall and conference centre, but also one of the venues of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, hosting public screenings as well as facilities for press and industry affairs. It’s usually packed with people, but after taking the above picture at an early screening, I returned for a few more the following day. The festival was over, or at least its regular screenings were, but the building was not yet closed for public. I like this place for its architecture and its chique-ish, yet slightly outdated interiors.

I wandered through the building for a bit, looking for spaces in the back, areas where visitors are not really supposed to go. I took the Fuji with me because I like photographing interiors with a prime lens. But also because it’s such an innocent looking camera, if it’s noticed at all. It makes me feel not invisible, but .. harmless, I guess.






Pictures taken with the said Fuji x100t, 3200 ISO. Architecture by Kraaijvanger Architecten, 1962.

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