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If I hadn’t come this close, if I hadn’t pushed it this far, we would probably still be on speaking terms today. It’s a thought that I find hard to let go of.

It almost led me to believe that it was wrong to get close to someone, to ask for something, to expect something. But it’s not, I know it’s not. But it wasn’t right for him.

I only make matters worse if I keep talking to him. With every word I send, I imagine him collecting bricks and stones to fortify his wall.
Make it higher, make it stronger.
I spent a few years fighting a defence that I felt he really didn’t need. Not this time. Not with me.
But who am I to tell what he needs or doesn’t need.

First glimpse of Norway, 2015. Not a very good picture, but I loved the moment. Taken with the Fuji. 

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