In the back yard


I have this new tripod. A super nice, solid, relatively light weight carbon tripod with a three way head. One that can be folded small enough to fit in a suit case, or to mount on my backpack. I’ve never been a fan of using tripods. I like the flexibility of hand held photography. I like to not carry that extra weight. But I also would like to do more low light and night photography. And also, I’d like to slow down a bit when taking a picture. Even when circumstances, like traveling, do not really allow for slowing down. Or perhaps especially then. But most of all, low light. Not necessarily dark, but dim enough for colours to lose their brightness and at the same time become unexpectedly intense.

There is this small impediment however. I live in this town, and I don’t feel comfortable going into town on my own after dark. Which is especially true for the more remote areas that I prefer. I don’t mind biking my way through the streets at night, that never makes me feel unsafe. At high speed I feel untouchable. I’d be quick to leave a place or situation that doesn’t feel good. But just me and an expensive camera, showing it off on a tripod.. It makes me feel like a sitting duck. I’m very much aware of me and the camera and I feel like everyone else is too. It makes it impossible to focus on what I’m doing, to allow myself the time that I need. I don’t really know how to solve this. Company is not an option.

Picture taken with the Nikon + tripod, in my own back yard, Rotterdam.

2 thoughts on “In the back yard”

  1. Pavel P. says:

    You will get used to after 15 nights if shooting i think…

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