I would

Photography, Travel

This is a place I would love to go back to. Not for a couple of hours, but for at least a few weeks. I would need a car of course to get there (and a driver’s license), I would need a place to stay, although I don’t think there were any, like there were no shops to get food supplies. I would have to get to know some people (which I’m not good at), to find out what life is like at the edge of the world. I would watch the fishermen and the ships coming in, I would go to church, stay up all night and hear pack ice cracking along the shore. I would feel the cold in my face, waiting for the light to fade in. It would probably be a very early spring. I would get to know this place. I would take pictures and have a clue about what I was doing.

Pictures taken at Greenspond, Newfoundland, Canada. All Nikon D750

2 thoughts on “I would”

  1. Pavel P. says:

    Reminds me one one song…it is in Czech…but I Doogle Translated first part…

    Of course I could live differently
    Of course I could live elsewhere
    Of course I could live with another woman
    Of course I could live with you
    Of course I could have another night horror
    Of course I could do other music
    Of course I do not have to ask so much in so many places
    Of course I could eat regularly
    Of course I could go to doctors and dentists
    Of course I could go to college
    Of course I could shave myself
    Of course I could worship some God
    Of course I could sport
    Of course I could cross Mahler and Mozart
    Of course I could be communicative and smiling
    Of course I could pay the electricity and the phone in time
    Of course I could turn away my dizziness
    Of course I could jump out the window

    Beautiful place and photos…

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