On bookmaking #3


Some random thoughts about the book

It’s not the book, it’s just a book, one of many possible books.
The limited options (paper, cover) offered by Blurb are frustrating / a blessing
”The relationship between the continuous / natural and the temporary / constructed”, if I must.
I don’t think I will put it up for sale, because I made it too expensive. The price to ask would be embarrasing.
I don’t think I will put it up for sale, because I’m unsure about the quality of the printing.
I love browsing through the proof copy, flawed as it is.
I’m willing to have another copy printed just because I want to see what a different type of paper would do.
A book is not necessarily what comes after taking the pictures. It might come first, as a starting point and generator for ideas.
Although I’m a loyal and somewhat nostalgic kind of person, I quickly got over the darlings that I killed for the greater good. Kind of harsh, really.
I wish I could have this properly printed and published, just to see what it would look like.
It feels nice to not strive for perfection, or to accept imperfections. I won’t have perfection, but I will have a book.
I like the fact that I enjoy creating something, while fully aware that only very few people will ever see it. For some reason I think that is important.

First proof copy of the book. Picture taken with the Fuji.

8 thoughts on “On bookmaking #3”

  1. Good points. Yes, nothing can be perfect but Thats the question – how much of imperfection are you willing to include.

    • Good question : ) I don’t know yet. It’s a sort of zero measurement, this project, since I’ve never made a book before. Obviously, I‘m trying to get the best results possible within the limitations of Blurb’s concept. Which in itself is not perfect. Perhaps I’ll be perfectly happy though with the final version of the book. Or, it triggers me to look into other forms of self publishing, that allow for more control over the printing quality. We’ll see.

      • I noticed you publish on cargocollective, so i understand since it is similar, only without text :)

        • I wouldn’t say similar, it’s not social, but it’s not a portfolio either, it’s more of an ongoing documentation of work. I’m afraid it’s Instagram now where I share short narratives. I like how IG allows for multiple pictures in one post, unlike Flickr. And sometimes I add a few words. I guess that’s enough for me at this point.

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