About me

I live and work in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I take pictures, not for a living, but for reasons that I’m not quite sure of yet. It’s probably because of something like this:

“The process of photographing is a pleasure: eyes open, receptive, sensing, and at some point, connecting. It’s thrilling to be outside your mind, your eyes far ahead of your thoughts.”
— Henry Wessel

As for a living, I’m an image editor and online content manager at the Communications department of Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam.

So that’s who.

As for why: It’s not much; thoughts, observations, memories, things I’m working on, fragmented and temporary at best, but they need a place to sit. It’s not going to live a long life I suspect, but that’s fine.

And no, English is not my first language, obviously, but I’ll try my best. Will take refuge to Dutch when I need to though.