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Sometimes these discussions in the aforementioned New Landscape Photography Facebook group are quite hilarious, now that they are more heavily moderated than they used to be. Obviously its aim is to facilitate a platform for constructive criticism among landscape photographers. I find the ones about […]

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Making it real

It feels like a lifetime, but it’s only five years ago that I was in charge of the social media channels of the museum I work for. And I feel my cheeks glowing from embarrasment when I remember not only making up┬ásocial media strategies at […]


De smaakfuik

Another article in the newspaper this weekend on how algorithms, increasingly sophisticated, more and more determine what we see, listen to, like, buy and think. A good read though. If only for awareness purposes. I know how this works and I guess most people do, […]

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Stars and their weight

Every now and then, more now than then, I suppose, people are expressing their growing discomfort with the feedback routines on social media. How they feel that they have become dependent on the approval and recognition from people they don’t even know, measured by the […]

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