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We stranded pretty soon after we left the car and started walking. On a campsite. I love campsites, especially in winter. And in an area where you are exclusively surrounded by nature – apart from the occassional wooden barn -, these signs of contemporary human […]


The far south

I think the only reason for tourists to visit St. Bride’s, our next stop after spending a few days in St. John’s, is because of the nearby Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve on the far south end of the Avalon peninsula. An unremarkable village, spaciously […]

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I would

This is a place I would love to go back to. Not for a couple of hours, but for at least a few weeks. I would need a car of course to get there (and a driver’s license), I would need a place to stay, […]


This is not a series

I’ve been working on a few hundred pictures from Newfoundland this past week, looking, weighing, dismissing and editing what I found worth editing. But uploading them to my website, putting a frame around them and posting them on Flickr, it all felt terribly pretentious all […]


Little Brehat

Great Brehat is a little fishing village, on the east coast of the northern peninsula of Newfoundland. It was foggy, with a bit of a drizzle. We decided to a short walk that would take us to Little Brehat, a small resettled community. Not that […]

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I rarely walk past a framed landscape hanging on a wall without taking a picture of it. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I can’t decide if the dark stain in the centre ruins the photo, or makes it more interesting. I guess […]


There and then

A couple of pictures from Iceland that I’ve never posted anywhere before, because I didn’t think they were good enough. But they are part of my memories of this trip just as much as the ones that are. Perhaps even more, because I don’t look at them very often, […]

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There’s been some debate on the NLP Facebook-page on what is new landscape photography, and what sets it apart from scenic, postcard-like landscapes. I’m not a close follower of the group’s activities and I never post a picture because I don’t think my landscapes meet the ‘rules’, […]



It has been quiet before, in uninhabited places and remote areas. This was neither, but its stillness was even more tangible. I never saw more than a few people in these little villages. A farmer feeding his sheep, a woman leaving a hairdressers shop with a […]


End of season

I started to doubt if this place even existed. 120 kilometers of slowly driving through potholes and mudpools, hours of crossing the great plains of nothing, with heavy clouds darkening the rough land. We had constantly been driving towards a sort of tear in the clouds, right […]


Indoor landscapes

I don’t need much time in the morning when we are traveling. A quick shower, no hair, no make up, yesterday’s clothes if possible. It buys me time for a pre breakfast walk or, in this case, to make as many shots of this particular corner of […]

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People with cameras

I suspect that every tourist with a camera, such as myself, gets at least a little bit irritated by other tourists with cameras. If not for blocking your view or ruining the scene, then for offering a mirror to yourself. There you are, wearing your fancy camera around your neck, so eager to take a picture that you […]