It’s been bugging me for days now: a less than perfect photo shoot earlier this week. Editing the pictures as we speak, I only see missed opportunities and discomfort with the process. None of these pictures feel like mine. I like interiors in general, and […]



I rarely walk past a framed landscape hanging on a wall without taking a picture of it. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I can’t decide if the dark stain in the centre ruins the photo, or makes it more interesting. I guess […]



Sometimes these discussions in the aforementioned New Landscape Photography Facebook group are quite hilarious, now that they are more heavily moderated than they used to be. Obviously its aim is to facilitate a platform for constructive criticism among landscape photographers. I find the ones about […]

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If I hadn’t come this close, if I hadn’t pushed it this far, we would probably still be on speaking terms today. It’s a thought that I find hard to let go of. It almost led me to believe that it was wrong to get close […]

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    Spierdijk, february 2017. I photographed the house for the first time and more extensively in 2014, a few days before my mother in law moved into a nursing home and the property was put on the market for sale. It has been vacant […]

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There and then

A couple of pictures from Iceland that I’ve never posted anywhere before, because I didn’t think they were good enough. But they are part of my memories of this trip just as much as the ones that are. Perhaps even more, because I don’t look at them very often, […]

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The day after

I took some pictures at the Doelen, a concert hall and conference centre, but also one of the venues of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, hosting public screenings as well as facilities for press and industry affairs. It’s usually packed with people, but after taking the above picture at […]

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There’s been some debate on the NLP Facebook-page on what is new landscape photography, and what sets it apart from scenic, postcard-like landscapes. I’m not a close follower of the group’s activities and I never post a picture because I don’t think my landscapes meet the ‘rules’, […]


Actually, we could use some pictures of..

Photographing at work, is partly about me benefiting from the opportunity to photograph interiors, and some other things that I find interesting. Sometimes these pictures find their way to the museum’s communication channels, but I take them on my own initiative and for my own pleasure. The […]

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Words, again

Every form of communication is a way of building at least some kind of relationship I guess. I’m not consciously working on the establishment or consolidation of relationships when I talk to people or interact with them on the social sites, my ambitions and expectations […]

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Freedom (3)

I asked J. the other day what he thought of this hypothetical possibility that I would apply for the photo academy. He said it was my worst idea so far : ) (To put a thing or two into perspective: he teaches at the photography […]

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The free state

I went out photographing last Sunday. I rarely do that, I’m not good at just walking around with a camera and take pictures. I never come home with anything decent if I do. I need a plan, or at least an idea, or a destination, […]

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