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As if

“He will be repeatedly amazed by how poorly everyone remembers their childhoods, how they project their adult selves back into those bleached-out photographs, those sandals, those tiny chairs. As if choosing, as if deciding, as if saying ‘no’ were simply skills you could learn, like […]

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Middle ground

I’m half way reading the sixth and last part of Karl Ove Knausgard’s Min Kamp (My Struggle). There is a passage in one of these volumes that stuck with me – as did many others – , about the author’s own social behaviour. I wish […]

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If I hadn’t come this close, if I hadn’t pushed it this far, we would probably still be on speaking terms today. It’s a thought that I find hard to let go of. It almost led me to believe that it was wrong to get close […]

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Words, again

Every form of communication is a way of building at least some kind of relationship I guess. I’m not consciously working on the establishment or consolidation of relationships when I talk to people or interact with them on the social sites, my ambitions and expectations […]

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I read an interview recently with a Dutch author who just published his correspondence from over the years. He said that letters that are unanswered, become a sort of fiction. He didn’t explain himself, but I liked the idea. I’ve written quite a few letters […]

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